According to the 2014 National Population and Housing Census the population of Kasese District was 694,987 which was 2.01% of the total national population. Of this population, females were 359,592 (51.7%) while males were 335,400 (48.3%).
The kasese district the poorest of the poorest district will 82% live below poverty line-live on less than a dollar per day, for many years it has been experiencing civil wars, drought, unemployment coupled with COVID-19 pandemic and floods which started May 2013 to date it has devastated the region leaving unproductive economy and poor health systems practically nil though government trying to put in efforts it has not in any way impacted the lives of these suffering persons.
The evidence of the floods can be seen below, if possible google and read more about the situation in Kasese and Rwenzori region at large
The latest incident happened on May 10th, 2020, which is about seven years after the first incident that occurred in May 2013. In the most recent
Over 100,000 affected as floods ravage Kasese – Daily Monitor › Daily Monitor › News › National
May 9, 2020 – More than 100,000 people have been affected by floods that hit Kasese District on Thursday destroying gardens, bridges, schools, houses and
Uganda – 8 Dead After More Floods in Kasese – FloodList › africa › uganda-floods-kasese-may-2020
At least 8 people have died in flash floods in the Western Region of Uganda. Torrential rain on 21 May caused several rivers to overflow in Kasese district, in particular the Lhubiriha River. Several people were swept away in the floods… we thank you and request for you possible support of the sum of money EUROS 266,000 to help the people of God to have better health of low cost and have hope for tomorrow. Thanks

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